Which Socks Do You Reach For

The status quo of socks

If you're like most men in the United States, your sock drawer is probably something you don't think about. You confirm yourself as a responsible male who as long as you have your paper-thin dress socks for the office, those cheap rags for the gym, and the kind of premium (insert name brand here) socks you would wear when you're feeling good about yourself, you're doing pretty well.

Rethinking socks

But are you ever content with what you're wearing on your feet? Chances are, it's one of the things you've never thought about. I'm sure you've purchased nice socks before and thought, "wow, this is nice" and added that pair amongst your lessor ones, looking forward to the day that you get to wear them again and becoming disappointed after you wore them cause now all you have are mediocre ones to wear.

A new kind of sock

Forget all that nonsense. There's no reason why you should have a million types of socks for each lifestyle and why you should settle for a multi-pack of cheap fabric that's only a step above going barefoot. No more running out of socks for the gym. No more squeezing your ultra-plush, high-performance, thick basketball socks into your dress shoes because you skipped laundry. When you're getting ready for the day, every choice you make in the sock drawer should be a right one and a one that you look forward to. So go ahead, take the step into skipping all the nonsense and purchase some Blue Bear Socks. It's a sock for every occasion, and a sock you'll compare all other socks to.